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This is a small summery of solution packages we provide and consulting


Remember we are the first consultants to provide

- Teredo connections behind a NAT onsite

- Teredo connections behind a NAT on a failover cluster providing 0 drops

- Teredo connections in the cloud 

Consulting services at reasonable rates are available for all types of work including 

  • New DirectAccess installs
  • World Wide support
  • Migration from physical to virtual Servers
  • Failover Clustering DirectAccess (VMware and HyperV)
  • Fixing install configuration problems and errors 
  • Current Installation review and options to upgrade to Teredo connections
  • Client Troubleshooting
  • Full beginning to End installs and after support 
Backup Services
- Complete backup systems. From physical, virtual or cloud services. Consulting on meeting your needs and providing a robust solution.
- Restoring issues with backups, for example you do not have any for what ever reason and you have been hit with a virus or ransomware. 

New Builds

- Full service from providing consultation to physical implementation from the ground up using PRINCE2 project planning 


- Consultation on expanding or adding services to your current network. 


- From physical to virtual
- From VMware to HyperV or vice versa
- To Cloud services
- From physical locations


The Random Problem

Have a problem that your not to sure about on how to fix?

Have an idea but not sure how to implement it?

Contact us now and we will help 

Contact us 24/7 here /


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