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Does Teredo work behind NAT's?

Only with our know how will you get Teredo to work behind a NAT.

Can DirectAccess work with Failover Clustering?

Yes there are no special Vlan's or switch configurations needed so will failover without any problems.

Where does the server have to be on my network?

Anywhere. You can pick up the physical server and move it onto any other switch and it will continue to work or simply move the VM to another physical box.

Who else knows how to install DirectAccess behind a NAT?

To date we are the only people in the world who know how to get DirectAccess to work behind a NAT with no additional hardware. Our solution is completely software based so will work on any network.

Do quotes include VAT?

Yes we are a VAT registered and all quotes and invoices will show VAT where applicable

Is DirectAccess secure?
Yes. IPsec is used to authenticate both the user and the computer. This provides additional security, and also enables management of the computer even if the user has not logged on. IPsec also encrypts the data sent over the DirectAccess connection, using AES or 3DES.
This is the most secure connection out there to date and is more secure than SSL VPN's. Note some solutions claim they can get the same level of encryption over SSL VPN's but if you read their manual's you will discover this is not the case and some even recommend turning the encryption down because of serious issues with their software.
Can DirectAccess and Teredo work in the Cloud? 
Yes but only currently through our consulting services.  

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