Microsoft to rename DirectAccess

Microsoft is not renaming DirectAccess but the question still popped into our heads here at world, why not?

To understand why Microsoft could change its name you will first have to hear my little story… sorry.

DirectAccess is as it says on the tin. DirectAccess needs a direct connection to the internet for users to access it.

However I (Scott Logan) fixed a big flaw in the design. You can’t use it when your network is behind a NAT. “Well just put it on your edge” – I don’t have an edge. You see my edge is owned by another company. Our network connects to their grid which eventually connects to the internet. All other sites that connect to the grid go out on the same connection.

So when my super duper server turned up and I decided to fire up the DirectAccess role i quickly discovered my problem. But I thought surely other people are in the same sinking boat as me. And rest assured there are lots of sinking ships in the ocean.

The next thing I got pointed to was ForeFront UAG. Apparently that works behind NAT’s. So I fired up ForeFront UAG setup.

Damn, my mistake, I misunderstood that it was the client’s that could be behind NAT’s not the server. So again I kept thinking there have to be other people in the same plane crashing to earth.

Months went by and experiment after experiment went on. Research into every element of ForeFront UAG ensued until I hit the inevitable. It will not work behind a NAT.

However I am not someone who gives up that easily. I am well renowned for coming up with solutions to problems by thinking outside of the box.

So off I went and over 50 re-install’s later, connection!

Not only HTTPS but Teredo to. Not only that as my install is 100% VM’s and with no Vlan’s I could failover cluster the servers. Just imagine in the picture below the orange thing is my offsite firewall and NAT server.

This means that I can move my ForeFront UAG server around anywhere on my network and it will continue to run very happily. The fix will also support Windows Server 8 DirectAccess and future releases of ForeFront UAG with no configuration changes.

This makes this great tool available to everyone now with no limits.

So what should Microsoft in their future releases of DirectAccess call it as now you do not need a direct access connection to the internet? SuperAccess?


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