DirectAccess And Pandora’s Box – What no one has told you yet

Thinking of getting DirectAccess? Well find out why it changes the game –

We live in a world were time is money. There is no other simple way to show you but to remind you of what life was like when we had Dial up and now how much productivity has gone up since broadband.

For years we have all longed for a simple way to connect to the work place and work from home over the fastest possible speeds out there. I am now going to show you how this is changing companies perspective on everything.

Lets talk security – Teredo connections are the most secure connections you can get to your work place when you are behind a NAT. There is no other VPN solution to date than can offer this. I only know of one other that can get the same security level however if you read their manual it tells you to turn this off as it causes to much lag and does not work. This means when your boss asks you how secure is it? you can say with confidence “It is the most secure connection in the world to date”

Lets talk speed – Teredo is up to 3 times faster than HTTPS and therefore 3 times faster than your VPN. The only thing close to it to date is Server 2012 but as we have shown in a previous blog it is still off by a mile. This means productivity goes up 300%. Referring back remember how long it took to do anything on dial up. Now think how much you can get done in the same time with broadband. It saves you not only time but stress.

Lets talk productivity – I hate germs. I live in a house with 2 children under 2 and with my wife. It bugs me (punt) when people come to work ill just because they do not want to look like they are not trying or do not want to lose a days pay only to spread their germs to everyone else. This means sleepless nights because my kids are ill and stress to me because I am ill trying to keep my kids happy. Image now that they can just as easily get the exact same work done at home infecting no one. Therefore productivity goes up and you have a more healthier, happier workforce. With Teredo tunnels users will see no lag or difference when browsing the network when they are at home.

Lets talk happy workforce – Where we have installed this software we have had companies run some statistics. At a 6 month period after the install date when users were asked if they change jobs there was a 65% increase who said no. Further reaseach revealed the following. The company decided not to replace woman or men on maternity / paternity because they gave them the option to work as much as they wanted to at home. This meant people who wanted to come back only part time did not have to sacrifice pay cuts because they could work for example 50% of the time at home. To the company this meant valuable staff kept up the same level of work and they did not have to employ extras and train them up. Happy staff, massive cost saving to the company. Staff turn around could then be down 65% again saving money, time, training and losing valuable staff. Have you seen the program take your babies to work? its like that but without the other headaches it brings for bosses. This shows staff that bosses are willing to invest money into their work force, this goes along way.

Lets talk time – I am going to relate this to IT mostly because I am IT. You have setup a VPN connection and some amazing scripts to which keep your work rate down a little. However how much time did it take to set that up? How much time is it taking to maintain it all? Why is it not maintenance free? Think £250 is now to much? Think how much time it takes you to keep all those mobile laptops up to date. When there is a new piece of software to be released from antivirus programs to GPO’s to Microsoft office. With the integration of RemoteApp you will never have to ask for a laptop back again. Think of when there is a critical update and you only have to run it on 1 server and everyone in the world instantly has access to the updated product. Think of how annoyed your users are when you ask for their laptop back and tell them it will take you a day to update. That’s a whole day they cannot do their job properly. Think about how much you stress out because all of a sudden you have 50 laptops to update in 1 day because its a holiday period and your users don’t need the laptops during it. You have holidays to! Now all that is just the IT department. With DA and RemoteApp you will never have to worry again.

So do you think we are joking when one of our customers are boasting a £230,000 above their expectations in profit in just 6 months ofter installing DA?

When you get DirectAccess, if it through us or not it will open up opportunities that most IT managers do not think of. That most bosses do not think of because they have no idea what their IT Managers are telling them. We could dribble about this for much more but for now we will leave it there to just wet your appetite.

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