Speed difference between force tunnels and Teredo

To highlight another reason why in some cases you want Teredo to work behind NAT’s will be discussed here. Obviously this is not for every environment as you may want force tunneling on.

I am going to show you the difference in speeds between IP-HTTPS and Teredo but also the pros and cons of both.

Lets first take a look at IP-HTTPS and force tunneling. I have got a connection on my laptop through ForeFront UAG DirectAccess and my server is sat behind a NAT with mydanat.co.uk fix to get it to work. So here is a speed test of the laptop using force tunneling.

So as you can see I have  a ping of 95ms, Download speed of 0.75Mbps and Upload speed of 0.67Mbps. Also notice the time and date is 23.15 03/01/2012

This makes my browsing speed slow and basic. I would hate to download programs and things.

Now what I did then was turn on split tunneling so I could fall over to Teredo and below are the results.

Ping =65ms, Download speed = 2.74Mbps and Upload speed = 0.78. Time is 23.16 03/01/2012.

Now that is a massive speed increase. All of a sudden I have an extra 2Mbps to play with!

Conclusion, Always try to convince your site to move to at least Teredo.

I understand people want to filter their Internet at home and yes this is a plus. You can also argue that the computers are property of your site and you don’t want users downloading programs by themselves etc.

But also note this is hammering the line for what you actually want DirectAccess to do by making people sit on IP-HTTPS tunnels.

My own opinion is that we will use Teredo and only when the need comes up, like to monitor Internet usage or do spot checks, will we then turn on force tunneling.

Don’t forget you can turn it on and off anytime you want without the users ever knowing which one is being used.

So draw up contracts and get your staff to sign them that they agree that everything they do on the computer is monitored. You will find that this in its self is good enough in most cases to stop that dodge Internet stuff going on at the work place and home.

Now for one last picture to show you the same laptop being filtered for something I should not of typed into google at home just to prove it works.

Remember you can only get Teredo tunnels to work when your server is behind a NAT with the help of mydanat.co.uk


I found this speedtest site showing pretty much the same thing.

The first picture is a speedtest over Teredo and the second is HTTPS.


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