DirectAccess in the Cloud with Teredo


It has been a long quest to get here but we have made it. DirectAccess in the Cloud or onsite with Teredo is now available to Everyone

The only consultants in the world that can provide DirectAccess to any sized organization, more importantly to any scenario you currently have and even more importantly with Teredo Connections.

Why is Teredo Important in the cloud?

For a start the reason why other people can’t get DA to work in the cloud is because VM’s only have one nic and one public IP. Therefore DA will only deploy its slowest IPHttps tunnels.

However we now know how to over come this issue so that your clients can get much faster connection speeds over the same line. We are seeing up to 8x faster speeds when clients are using Teredo Tunnels. We were so shocked that we ran the test twice. On the left are two speed tests through a Teredo tunnel and on the right are two speed tests through a IPHttps tunnel. Take note of the time to complete. That’s the time you would of been sat there in front of your computer waiting for something to happen.










So are you ready to have DirectAccess installed? We can do it on Server 2008R2, UAG 2010, Server 2012, Server 2012R2 and Server 2016 in the cloud or onsite.

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