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DirectAccess in the Cloud with Teredo

  It has been a long quest to get here but we have made it. DirectAccess in the Cloud or onsite with Teredo is now available to Everyone The only consultants in the world that can provide DirectAccess to any sized organization, more importantly to any scenario you currently have and even more importantly with Teredo […]

DirectAccess WhitePaper With Teredo Tunnels Behind NAT’s

Its finally here! The long awaited WhitePaper to show you how to get Teredo tunnels working with DirectAccess when you are behind a NAT device. It works with all versions of DirectAccess. It will show you step by step on how to get Teredo tunnels to work for you when you are behind a NAT […]

Icacls Backup and Restore – How to only restore parts of the backup

One of our customers rang us up the other day requesting help with an icacls backup that they ran. What has this got to do with our DirectAccess service I hear you ask? Well they have a maintenance agreement with us and even though this has nothing to do with DirectAccess we are always happy […]

More Ammo For Teredo – IP-HTTPS Component Could Allow Security Feature Bypass

A new update by Microsoft has confirmed a vulnerability in the IP-HTTPS tunnel. This just brings more ammo to why people should be switching to Teredo for their real world DirectAccess configs even when your behind a NAT. Visit us here to see how to do it. I even posted a blog here that mentions already that […]

DirectAccess And Pandora’s Box – What no one has told you yet

Thinking of getting DirectAccess? Well find out why it changes the game – We live in a world were time is money. There is no other simple way to show you but to remind you of what life was like when we had Dial up and now how much productivity has gone up since broadband. […]

DirectAccess Server 2012 Behind a NAT with Teredo Tested

So here it is finally our REAL world test of Server 2012 DirectAccess. We said REAL because and going off for a little rant here but stick with it as its quite important – We have read so many posts about people using DirectAccess 2012 and how great it is and how the IPHTTPs tunnel […]

RDC for MAC cannot connect to TS server with error message “You were disconnected from the Windows-based computer because of problems during the licensing protocol”

As post here We have been having issues with getting Mac’s to run on RemoteApp. We are the only people in the world at that know how to get Teredo Tunnels to run behind NAT devices. So why are we involved? A customer uses DirectAccess to access RemoteApp services like Sims .Net on a […]

When you draw DirectAccess does it look like a smiley face?

The answer is yes, when you are drawing your design it will only lead to a smiley face because you will soon see its potential like my example below that setup for their latest customer.

Speed difference between force tunnels and Teredo

To highlight another reason why in some cases you want Teredo to work behind NAT’s will be discussed here. Obviously this is not for every environment as you may want force tunneling on. I am going to show you the difference in speeds between IP-HTTPS and Teredo but also the pros and cons of both. […]

Microsoft makes new DirectAccess server 8 work behind NAT’s finally

Well sort of…. Bits and pieces are popping up all over the Internet stating that the new DirectAccess in Server 8 supports putting the server behind a NAT. Yes this is true but with many limitations. First lets start at the setup page that is causing all this debate So as you can see we have […]

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